the most up-to-date, robust data access available


the most up-to-date, robust data access available

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PrecisionTrak NEWS

We are constantly looking at ways to enhance the user experience at PrecisionTrak. We are proud to make a new feature available today.

TRAKKER is now available in PrecisionTrak as an upgrade option to your account. This feature allows you to set up a watch list of radio and TV stations, and TRAKKER will alert you of the following changes:

  • Formats
  • Call letters
  • Slogans
  • Ownership
  • Engineering
  • Frequency
  • City of license
  • Sales

You will have complimentary access to TRAKKER with your account for the next 30 days! After logging in, please click on “Custom Station TRAKKER” in the “Tools” section of PrecisionTrak and check it out!

Also, several other small refinements have been made to add extra operational speed to your PrecisionTrak sessions.

PrecisionTrak data is updated nightly. For access to our “Daily Changes” module, or to explore our new multi-station signal coverage mapping features, please contact us at your convenience.

As always, we welcome your feedback and questions at any time.

Many thanks,

Drew Simpson

Managing Director
PrecisionTrak/M Street Corporation

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Media Facilities in PrecisionTrak

  • AM - Radio 4,994
  • FM - Radio 11,643
  • Low Power - Radio 839
  • Digital TV 1,796
  • Low Power DTV 653
  • Low Power TV 1,396
  • Cable Systems 561
  • Cable Networks 141

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